Learn how to use Callas pdfToolbox 4 to not only recolor vector objects in your document but how you can also select colors in raster images and change them. In this example we find a range of blacks on the page, both vector and raster, and change them to process cyan. Watch the logo at the top to see what happens.
Learn how to use Callas pdfToolbox 4 to create a detailed inventory report of your PDF. This is especially useful for diagnosing font related issues where characters do not print correctly. By using the detailed font inventory you can easily identify which glyphs in the PDF do not correspond with the correct logical defined font.
Learn how to take advantage of Callas' Office RGB to CMYK conversion technology. See how the built in logic maximizes the conversion process. No more worrying about RGB black vector objects and raster images being converted to four color blacks. RGB grays are also identified and correctly converted to black only.
This video demonstrates the wide differences between Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, Enfocus PitStop Professional 08 and Callas pdfToolbox in respect to converting colors. All three applications were configured to convert to ISO12647 (ISO Coated/GRACoL 2006 #1v2). The results are astonishingly different between the three programs!
Use Callas' built in imposition tool to de-impose reader spreads and then re-impose into printer spreads.
Remapping spot colors is easy with pdfToolbox. Part one of two.
Remapping spot colors is easy with pdfToolbox. Part two of two.
Manually flatten transparency using pdfToolbox switchboard interface
Preflight and convert to PDF/X-1a while flattening transparencies in the PDF.
See how you can use pdfToolbox as a functional color server by selectively applying device link profiles. In the event that there are ICC profiles with no corresponding device link profiles or untagged RGB images pdfToolbox performs a standard ICC conversion. pdfToolbox can be configured to treat different types of objects in different ways when applying device link profiles or other color conversions when combined with Callas' powerful preflight technology. Part 1 of 2.
See how you can use pdfToolbox to create layers based on specific content types as well as removing layers.
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