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rackspace hosting - The best email host you can find

These guys are simply the best email hosting company around! When was the last time you couldn't access your Google hosted email and couldn't access it? Bigger isn't better, better is better. Rackspace does two things best; web hosting and email hosting. Their 24/7 tech support is second to none. They offer generous mail box sizes starting at 10GB, lowest cost for web/mobile/POP3/IMAP4 hosting services, multi-layered spam and virus filtering, calendaring, task lists and group functions. Who could ask for more? I challenge you to have the same features and security at the same cost hosting your email internally as compared to rackspace.

Come join the communities!

Come and joing the new community forums. Here you can find communities for Apago, Callas, Enfocus, Gradual, Markzware and Stone Design PStill products as well as for PDF/X and workflow topics. Those forums can be found here.

Now featuring a un-official Artwork-Systems peer-to-peer support forum. You can find the un-official Artwork-Systems web forum here.

You should also check out and join Printplanet as well as

Ah the action list exchange...

So here it is. Come on in and contribute! This only works when you contribute to the community!

Hey don't forget to check out and sign up for It's the perfect place for exchanging preflight profiles and specifications with your customers. Best of all, it is integrated with all Enfocus products!

New tutorial videos!

Watch these new tutorial videos for Axaio and Callas products. If you have a comment or request please let us know!

Elpical Claro Premedia Server

Automatic image enhancement is a real challenge. What is good for one image is not good for the other. Simply applying one set of filters and algorithms to every image will not be the solution. Although it seems contradictory, automatic image enhancement needs an individual approach. Claro analyses every image thoroughly, looking for such parameters as sharpness, brightness, contrast, colour balance, natural greens, skin tones, Exif information and more. This analysis is fundamental to our image enhancement technology.

Callas Software

There really is no reason to not preflight those pesky PDF's. With the ubiquity of Acrobat Pro 6, 7, and 8 you have everything you need to make sure you are preflighting your PDF's. Callas is the OEM for Acrobats built in preflighting. But preflight is just the beginning! Check out their other tools here to see what else can be done.

Preflight, where success meets the sky

How often does a pilot take off without a preflight check? Never! So why would you? After spending all that time creating the perfect piece of art, why blindly send it off to a printer? You wouldn't!

Remember the seven P's of printing: Proper Previous Preflighting Prevents Pathetically Poor Printing

Enhance your workflow with PDF Enhancer

PDF Enhancer is one of those tools everyone should have in their bag of tricks. And this tool has some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve! The more I use this, the more I love it!

Microsoft Publisher, it's not as bad as you think...

Now I'm not saying it's easy either, but it is possible to get a usable PDF as spot or process color

Read my blog and find some tips and tricks while you're at it!

Now made with 50% more purple flurple! Okay, so it's not purple flurple, but it is more content! I've added a couple of new pages for general tips and tricks, Acrobat & PitStop , InDesign, PhotoShop and Quark. If you have a tip or trick to share please email it to me. I promise to give credit where credit is due. And yes, I do have some things to say on my blog.


Need to run Pitstop Server (or any other application) as a service for "lights out" operation? Download srvany, a part of the Windows NT Resource Kit. Instructions are available on the Microsoft web site or Google srvany.exe.

Ahh!! PitStop color management!

It's so confusing, why won't it work?? Well it does! You just need to know what to do. And you know what? Here's what to do!

Haven't had enough color yet?

I've gathered some interesting information regarding Apples and Microsofts color management systems and plans. I've also collected a few ICC profiles you might find handy, like the older and newer IFRA newsprint profiles .

I've also included some sample PDFs of a InDesign CS1 document that has tagged images placed. See what happens to the images and the profiles when exported with different PDF export options.

What do you mean it's the wrong version??

Supposed to be PDF v1.3 but you've got something else? Here is a little info and a trick or two to solve the problem. 

Got ink?

Got too much ink on your pages? Let's find out!

Ethan's corner

This is Ethan's little corner of the internet for school and chat with school friends.

Everything is O-tay!
You can find my resume and some other notable stuff in here.

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